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More than just a game

– Marcel Luske

 In A POKER CAREER SPANNING 40 YEARS Marcel has accomplished a lot of impressive tournament and cash game results, wrote the International Poker Rules, to create consistency and fairness.

He turned pro 20 years ago and within two years became the #1 ranked player in Europe.

After working together with some great poker partners like PokerStars & PartyPoker Marcel started the:


His ambitions lead him exceed being more than just a poker player.

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Besides trying to increase important standards within the current poker community, by writing the International Poker Rules he advises fairness.

The European OPC is a free-to-join platform for poker Competition-fans, players, and starters to join the fun of the game first of all.

With respect to the many great Poker related people within the industry, Like the WSOP & TDA, it is good to make sure all is and stays fair at all times for the players at first.

Thats why there is a betting line rule, a family rule, and a safe zone rule in action, to name the extra mile within the international rules, all these extra basic rules, are outlined in dept to make it easier to understand why Rules and regulations are important to keep every participator playing in a leveled playing field and events staff can showcase the answer if needed as proof.

Picture gallery

These Poker images will give you a good chance to experience the poker-world through Marcel Luske’s own ‘eyes’.

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Music Album

Marcel has created this album with some easy listening music that could cheer up and calm down any poker player.

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Clips & Videos

This online video collection includes memorable hands during the WSOP, interviews and useful poker tips.

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The flywing dutchman

Reach out to Marcel in person and he’ll make his best effort to respond asap.

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The OPC format was introduced to the Dutch market in 2006 by Marcel Luske and Noah Boeken. It has since been modernized to enhance the fun factor and has expanded its presence across the entire European continent with the support of numerous players and poker-related entities.

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