As a pokerplayer Marcel Luske has had a remarkable career with tournament cashes all over the world. He turned pro ten years ago and within two years became the #1 ranked player in Europe.

UKIPT & the DTD Nottingham series lately:
After being adopted in the Dusk Till Dawn family in Nottingham I had another great stay and played for 9 days the UKIPT series that was offered this time.
Dusk till dawn stands for Quality poker events at all levels and actually always giving back GTD try to do the impossible for the players at first at all times.
My friend(s) Simon & Rob to name as sample are in charge of it and under positive pressure not afraid to lose money on the GTD but enjoy the satisfaction of making it better and better by raising the bar ongoing.
Players are coming from all over the world to visit, play, eat and drink and know they will have a great time and always a listening ear to accommodate any wish if possible.
Lately I play to enjoy the game and circumstances as the hospitality first more than to win, and this is the best place then to do so, offering ongoing great variety of events with GTD so no player or visitor will be left out .
But sometimes during the game I change my mind as was happening at the small side event Omaha that had 47 runners. I wanted to win this more than ever, even knocked out at FT Mr Simon Aces Trumper in a 3 way pot ,while having great Fun.
The many offered satellites with GTD of many tickets for the scheduled events are amazing and nearly always had extra value( overlay) so have being great to compete in, I figured out it was like 2 changes for 1 payment according the value of how many runners present in the place that was packed, but sometimes events overlapped each other nicely and gave great value opportunity for the players and never a moment of waiting for cards, as they have being in the air ongoing.
Of course it was a sad day between and going to any funeral will be but that was even perfectly arranged with support of DTD and many Poker players that showed up and gave David Uliott (RIP ) and his family the respect he deserves.
Even the message to laugh and enjoy, party eat and drink and make sure we enjoy every moment in our lives while we are present was given along side with 2 songs of The Fish himself play the piano and after the guitar.
The poker world have lost an Icon, a Legend but he was more, way more, for many and although it was a very sad day, with great respect those who knew him a bit better know he was unique and no other can take that place he has achieved in the hearts of millions of us. ( R I P David ). Thanks again for all those moments of laughter’s and one liners, surprises and schoolings, over the many years we have known you.

After that we did need to get back into the saddle of Poker,DTD and the stories during the way back from Hull to Nottingham slowly but study have being archived to great memories on him with all of us eventually.
He will never being forgotten and lives in all our hearts forever, thats for sure!

Now it is going to be very exiting towards pending projects I,m working on:
WPT Amsterdam
WSOP coming up
New registration system that blows you away soon;) ©.
Working with new people..
Gaming commissions…
Twitch streaming after the WSOP consistent as was started with me and Scott Bal and Jason last year,… yes we weir the one s ,… we created with the twitch management that deal to do so;) as I worked with Scott bal at Razer..;) at that time.
Brought attention to Europe for gamers with and so created my own radio show connecting the dots for gamers with Poker.
Happy to see they all woke up now and are jumping on it…lets have some more entertainment and info about Poker, and having Fun at the same time and share this the easy way from home or on the go.;)
Yes I was there, present and did do the eating on Scotts BD in Las Vegas before we went to the Twitch Party, talking with Twitch management en gamers drink some beers or champagne, meet the gaming nerds, fantastic people that are unique each one of them in the level they think and played..I had a great time meeting up with those from another planet, the management, the owners, though Gamers..the nicest but determent people I have seen in my live,,,
You watch this Twitch as I did mention last year already to many, will take over and many players will start streaming, as I do as well with Twitch here,..and soon consistent taking Qs but making sure we have FUN first.
To learn the odds or other boring Qs we can use the calculator;) in other words, having FUN is the goal and learning while just do that the bonus.

Let’s see soon how it all will come together and don’t forget to enjoy all and any moment of whatever u like to do, I’m sure we will meet again soon at the table or on my Twich channel and then either way the drinks are on the house..;)

Thanks again for the great hospitality given by DTD Nottingham as always..
Ill B back..;) wish U all GL …………………..Marcel luske