As a pokerplayer Marcel Luske has had a remarkable career with tournament cashes all over the world. He turned pro ten years ago and within two years became the #1 ranked player in Europe.

Here we are, back to Holland to see family, prepare for more travels, and finalize some unfinished hometown business that’s pending.


Results: Las Vegas, 2013 WSOP @ the RIO


I played eight bracelet events, and cashed in four out of the eight.


I noticed that in the first three events when I went deep, all three exits happened when my chips went in the middle when I was miles in front, so I’m happy with that.


On the other hand, I can’t say the same about my exit from the Main Event. Although I was actually the Pokerstars Team Pro last standing, finishing in the money and in 261st place, I felt something was wrong. I’ll admit I was distracted once I was put on the feature table with my back to the rail only a meter away; I had to deal with some loud, drunken railbirds, with beers in hand calling out the flop and the possible hands, while cheering for some players at the table when they won, and all I asked was that that they not knock me out.


I was not pleased with that as it took my focus away, and I think it had the same effect on the 1.5million chip leader at the table, who re-raised me in the final hand for 53K after I had opened for 28K with A-Q. I flat called, along with the third player between us, currently sitting on 1.3 million.


The flop hit A-Q-10 with 2 Clubs on the board, and I was holding the Ace of Clubs, so I moved in for my 390K, walking into a made straight from the third player, or it could have been pocket tens, I guess. I just wondered why he hadn’t played a single hand for two hours, and then suddenly picked this one! He must have seen the light with his J-K off suit. ;-)


I had previously seen A-Q become special on the table, when the player with A-10 went All-in on a board of A-10-4-7, and was called after a long period of thinking by the A-Q player with nearly 700K in chips to hit his kicker Q.


It does make a difference if you have that special moment in time, and hit that card you need that helps you to reach your goal…let’s hope we will all experience that, as it is a great feeling that can last for many years. I’ve had them as well, so I know from experience. It is the reward that is reserved for the fearless, so always remember that. ;-)


So now I’m looking back on the WSOP, I definitely confirmed what I have known for a long time. Even Daniel Negreanu is talking about it in his latest blog/video; don’t drink when you play, always prepare, work out at the gym, enjoy some sunshine, avoid stress, ignore anything else that’s irrelevant to the challenge you’re facing or not related to you playing your best game. Basically, just block out anything that causes your mind to make decisions that draw you away from your task.


Well, it sounds like I’ve been spot on for doing this for the last decade!;) So, at my next events, you’ll find me walking around like an Egyptian mummy, insulating myself from the outside world (like Phil Hellmuth has done many times in his crazy costumes, haha). OK, so I’m exaggerating, but I will try harder to stay in the zone… in my suit, and, talk-talk-talk…but all within the safe-zone.


Now the new poker season is coming, and I have to make up my mind where to go, and what to play. I will definitely do some special TV events and poker shows. I hope to visit Brazil and Macau again, and I’ll play the EPT events of course, as well as the PCA, plus WCOOP and SCOOP online. And throughout, I’ll use the new combined system of websites that I have developed for live chat, where people who like to play alongside me in the same event can do so, small of course, as poker should always be fun, first and foremost. Some extra promotional stuff will be announced soon for these followers as well, which I’m excited about.


Something else that’s going to be fun and I’m looking forward to doing, is streaming live with the Elitist Club, that we are creating with the Razer team. Followers will be able to log on and watch members of the Elitist Club playing on the live stream, and I’ll be joining them too sometimes when I’m not traveling for my sponsors PokerStars/Razer or FIDPA. We’re looking forward to the official launch soon. Watch this space….


Also, I want to encourage you to please share your quotes of support for FIDPA on the Leave Your Quote page: We’ll accept ‘ugly’ pictures as well, as we have many beautiful ones already! ;-)


There are other big things in the works that I would love to inform you all about, but I’m not free to talk about them for the moment. What I can say is that it’s all good and supports the entire poker industry, from the smallest players up to the biggest, so that will be in one of the next blogs too.


Now here is a tip for the coming series. Play the events that support you getting into the Main Event of the Series you like to play, and take the necessary steps to get there. My Series of choice is the EPT, and Barcelona is up next, so be sure to check out the schedule:


The bottom line in poker is never give up, and I hope you’ll join me soon at a Final Table somewhere in an international event. Maybe even Barcelona. I look forward to listening to you tell me you made it, as you planned, in small steps, while having fun along the way.


Good Luck at the tables!