As a pokerplayer Marcel Luske has had a remarkable career with tournament cashes all over the world. He turned pro ten years ago and within two years became the #1 ranked player in Europe.

Hi to All,

I ( Marcel Luske Ceo Fidpa) was reading about the request to give support and the article from Mickey Petersen and knowing him a bit it is reflecting the great person he is. I was taken this opportunity to answer some of these indications. From  being present in those events life over many years.


As I believe that a player that comes to play , should have a great time and not being asked and assist all the time a dealer as he or she is not instructed well enough or just shortened somehow. and here is the why!….

because the dealer is shortened in many ways by many reasons that are obvious going to take place  as we all know it is not suddenly Christmas and so it is not suddenly that we are playing with 10 or 9 people with chips and betting’s going on that should be run by the table captain, the dealer yes ! this event is announced weeks before…by those who organizing it!

So let’s stop fooling each other with that.. as I have  seen this industry many years and know, KNOW that Poker players are liquid gold when it comes to being supportive and respectful in overall spending their money…, and exceptions we will have no matter where we go ,or we are. Players are the ones that PAY it ALL.


Saying that Mickey is trying to bring the horse to the well but cannot make it drink,.. so he is just kindly asking the players for these named issues  and bring awareness to these  great points of importance…

BUT we should look at the management and organizer if they could do more to avoid this from happening in the first place, they are the organizer and players are coming to play,, ( I never have to help the local pub owner bringing in the drinks to the store room  or jump behind the bar, that’s all a done deal with in the buy(in)…the management should supply the best service and don’t blame the dealers or players with hints like these,  dealers can only follow on instructions and the rules in place. And are willing to do their jobs,, yes.

It the WSOP dealers are placed in game that they have never dealt in their lives and only told how much and how to take tax from the pot?

Knowing I don’t make more friends than enemies with written expressions like these I follow my players heart and address this happily like Mickey is doing it,


the only friend I think I will have  at all times will be those who are willing to be honest and  don’t go around the issue, but will address it like Mickey is doing..

I totally agree with him, since a decade already and wrote for this particular reason with the help of many super experienced poker fanatics with players hearts these rules,… these Int Poker Rules, created the betting line rule etc…so a great opportunity again to say thanks again to those that can be found on the site showing their undisputable support. Like Ivey and Helmuth, Antonius or Mel Judah, and many others that gave their time and soul to poker.


Mickey Petersen asks correctly,


What IF: and give some samples…

You have a table for 10 players and a dealer that have short legs..?

you have a dealer that is 150 kg and a big belly, who’s asking kindly every hand to reach him or her the chips , the cards, etc.

You have  a bet out there but there is no line and all players bet different and sometimes they don’t announce that loud, the DEALER should RUN the game, state the action, etc. loud and clear, yes.

or make sure that all players know or can see there is a bet. Yes,, that is why it’s the Dealer!!!

“Maybe a betting line would help ?????. ( at least it narrows the grey area that is clearly present Now!)”


Have a line without instructions written down how it should be used makes it complicated,, because some players bet over that line and some don’t  ..duh ..this creates a grey area and players and dealers than depending on circumstances and who is the floor man becomes to be important.


To address this is great but it needs to be handled by the ones that are the organizers and not by the customers, or the players!

because this could all be taken care of within the guidelines and rules Before we start to play,… from the event and the management in the first place, should this being addressed and taken care of by the management,,,

a player does not come to a job, but to enjoy the game,,
Put your chips and cards so the dealer can reach them


It takes virtually no effort to push or throw cards/chips just a little bit more towards the center of the table so they are easier for the dealers to reach, The ( Just use the betting- rule that is written for that will solve this complete issue and is just written for these purposes yes in 2007!) and it makes their job so much easier. Game runs faster, too. Like most things on this list, it’s just something that people don’t give much thought but can easily be fixed. It can give the dealers serious back problems because they have to reach across the table all day. And if your argument against it (and I have actually heard this before!) is that the dealer should just be taller, then I just have no words for you. No words. ( it was the Bellagio Poker room that implemented the Int Poker Rules in 2008 just because of these things you mention ). After hat DTD in Nottingham followed , with Spa and Namur in Belgium, Mexico, India, Poland, Morocco. Australian Bar Leuqe and amateur Leuqe ,etc.

Rules for the players at first. Yes including the TDA rules that are only for Tournament directors to smooth their work. And not the flow for the players at first..! even Daniel Negreanu state that like that the TDA did harm more than that it helped the players. ( in more than 1 dispute debating with the TDA like this:


Ante up

Once the antes kick in, they never disappear again. As shocking as it seems to some people, every single hand for the rest of the tournament is going to have them! Yet so many people seem to forget to do it over and over and have to constantly be reminded. I don’t know how they forget but if you put in an ante last hand, you are absolutely going to have to put it in in next hand as well, guaranteed. ( maybe it is partly increased by the fact that many players nowadays are using their other I T stuff that they bring as well and play with during the event they play, or play Open Chinese at the same time on the iPad  with headphones on, the Int rules could be enforced if needed yes).


Moving the Button        

I know all dealers don’t agree on whether it helpful when players move the button or not. Personally I think it tends to make sense if you are in a seat that it’s tough for the dealer to reach, but not if you are sitting right next to them. Regardless of what your position is there is one thing all dealers do agree on; If you move the button, announce it loud and clearly! I don’t care if you say “button’s good,” “buttons moved,” or the “the button has reached its final destination,” but please make it clear, because otherwise despite how good your intentions were it always end up being confusing and a lot more trouble than if you had just left it alone to begin with.( You will always keep that problem unless you place the betting line on all table s that will make any dealer be able to reach all betting field action..;) but they do need to enforce the betting line rule with it,,in order to let the dealers know how to run the game like in football a line have a meaning…

) Bellagio did it and still does it and is very happy to have less dealers being ill, as you mention back and other problems getting less and less , and now they have the games going faster and less problems as it is so much better to spot where is the betting and action coming from..,and stay away from the players privacy, by interrupting them to give the cards, the bets, the chips, ongoing over and over again…!



This one is as much for the players as it is for the dealers, but few things are more frustrating than when minutes goes by without anyone realizing that a player has checked. If you are going to declare it verbally, make sure that you don’t whisper it, and if you are doing it with your arm don’t make some slight ninja movement that no but eagles and hawks are able to detect. ( It’s the dealer that should run the game yes and state the action loud and clear).


Don’t be that guy

People who constantly put out big chips when they already have accumulated almost all the change at the table and refuse to give out smaller chips unless they absolutely have to: You slow the game down a ton and are making everyone’s life miserable, especially the dealers. It’s such a disrespectful thing to do both to the dealers and your fellow players that I can’t imagine I will be able to persuade anyone who is already doing it, but I still feel like I have to put it here. And no you are not fooling anyone, and no one is intimated or impressed by your huge towers of ante chips.( it is a part of the game to be able to play with chips and bett 4 or 5 color amounts, especially with the new generation players they enjoy this most!…, ,though the events color ups should be done with the next nominations and is not meant to be done with big nominations .that is what the TD s are doing to make their  and the dealers Job more easy…! the player need chips to play with and don’t like every 2e hand to hear can you chance…yes we can all help and chance,, but not every 2e hand because that is what slows down the game. Not the player that try to build a stack to play with  and impress. While enjoining the game… whatever he likes to do, he is not the bank or can give out some stacks if it happens, only to jump from 25 to 500rds jetton skipping the 100rds.. make it more easy for the management, and they keep doing that to speed up the event process, but sometimes they do this a bit tooooo much, tooooooooo fast, as sure the players have noticed at the beginning in certain events,,

but the event and game should be a pleasure for the players and some of the events you start with a short of change  before it starts, to speed up anything before it started !? that doesn’t make sense. Wait yes it does, for the dealers and management!

All players could have reasonable chance of smaller nomination chips in his or her stack to start off with yes,,….and do the color up in those nominations steps will avoid this problem, and all levels will then run smooth as all players do have more space in front of them, because of the SAFE ZONE (rule)

If they have the betting line in place…;)

easy keep them in the game yes.. and easy for any dealer Big , small ,tall or short to run the game cause the field within the betting line is the dealers working space..

do it like this and all players can play the game and the dealer can run it !!!!.


It’s not the dealer’s fault when you lose


don’t care if the dealer accidentally flipped over an ace that you should have gotten, if it’s a misdeal whenever you have got a good hand, if you are card dead, or if you always seem to get coollered when a specific dealer sits in. If you complain, berate or throw cards at a dealer, you are a huge idiot, period. And no, you are not losing because the deck isn’t scrambled, washed, or brand new either. All of those things are completely random, and the dealer probably couldn’t care less if you win or lose. Learn to take some responsibility for your own actions instead of being a sore loser….( Next)..players should be old enough to know this but  even 13 bracelets can’t stop Helmuth from complaining  and being a sore loser! new players see this on TV and think it’s a part of the game. It’s the pros that should show and be great ambassadors showing how to behave, yes)


Say hello and smile!

Okay this one isn’t obligatory, but I guarantee it will make you feel better! When a new dealer sits down, just give them a smile and say welcome or ask them how they are doing. I am not saying you have to engage in deep conversation, and obviously don’t try and small talk with them while there is a hand going on. But in my experience a little pleasantry really goes a long way to foster a good environment for both the players and the dealers. ( hello and a smile is efficient enough yes ).

Hopefully you found some of this useful (or even better, you already knew all of it and reading it was a waste of time!) so that we can all help each other making season 11 the best season of the EPT yet, both for the players and the staff.\


This is and was certainly very useful for many of us that expect to get and give the best on the table s and to others on and away from the poker tables as we are all to be respected  equally.. thanks Mickey


so when we do the quick count, it is much better for the management, the Dealers and the players when they would work with a betting line and a safe zone on the table,, or play by the Int Poker Rules, make  only gaming law exceptions at the location that are needed, and have the best starting base to work and play from for all!


The international rule s can be found  on or


you can even download the rules on yr. phone  in all events you are playing at, so you are always updated and will not be surprised by rules that are chanced without any notice to the players in a reasonable time frame before..;)


special thanks for the support to Mickey for pointing out the obvious as Fidpa have done in 2007 and still does ongoing…..Mickey Petersen is a member of Team Online ,…      Re Marcel Luske   CEO Fidpa. By the way.. the Int. Poker Rules include and cover as well as explain all TDA rules and show them on the site so players can see the differences as well as all Events directors can  do !


The I P Rules are (c) and protected all info is on